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Rector Ünal Shared the Excitement of OMU Athletes Who Won Medals at FISU

Pre-qualifications and finals took place on the eighth day of the FISU University World Cup Combat Sports. While qualifying matches were held in boxing and karate disciplines, the final excitement was experienced in Wrestling and Muay Thai.

The Muay Thai branch, in which Ondokuz Mayıs University students competed and won medals, was closely followed by Ondokuz Mayıs University Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal. In the Muay Thai discipline held at Mustafa Dağistanlı Sports Hall, Ondokuz Mayıs University athletes Tuğbanur Kıvrak in 51 kg and Devrim Özaydın in 63.5 kg won the gold medal. Rector Ünal presented Tuğbanur Kıvrak her medal and congratulated her. After the medal ceremony, Rector Ünal talked to the athletes competing on behalf of OMU. Subsequently, he gave an interview to TRT Sports Reporter Bilge Horasan, who was in Samsun for FISU.

In boxing, the elimination fights continued at the Yalçın Taşmektepligil Sports Hall. Ondokuz Mayıs University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cengiz Batuk and Secretary General Prof. Dr. İdris Varıcı visited Yalçın Taşmektepligil Sports Hall to watch the fights and get information about the organization.

The excitement of finals in Muay Thai and Wrestling

The final matches were fought in the Muay Thai branch, and the winners were awarded their medals. In the women's category, Turkish athletes Tuğbanur Kıvrak at 51 kg, Ezgi Keleş at 54 kg, Nefise Atalay at 57 kg, Devrim Özaydın at 63.5 kg, and Tetiana Hamaorko from Ukraine at 65 kg won the gold medal. In the men's category, Mohamed Touizi from the United Arab Emirates at 54 kg, Jeerapong Paejumpu from Thailand at 57 kg, Phakphum Kaithin from Thailand at 60 kg, Tunahan Atara from Türkiye at 63.5 kg, Kubilay Tarhan from Türkiye at 67 kg, Vladyslav Yeremenko from Ukraine at 71 kg, Oleksandr Yefimenko from Ukraine at 75 kg, Artiom Livadari from Moldova at 81 kg, Ahmad Halal from Palestine at 86 kg, and Umut Eryılmaz from Türkiye at +91 kg won the gold medal.

In the women's wrestling competitions, Enkhzul Batbaatar from Mongolia at 50 kg, Emine Çakmak from Türkiye at 53 kg, Dulguun Munkhbold from Mongolia at 57 kg, Kadriye Aksoy from Türkiye at 65 kg, Nesrin Baş from Türkiye at 68 kg, and Mariia Orlevych from Ukraine at 76 kg won the gold medal.

Boxing continued with qualifying matches

Boxing competitions started with the women's 50 kg category. Vuloywethu Dila from South Africa, Olha Shalimova from Ukraine, Gayeon Mun from South Korea, and Yerevan Barut from Türkiye advanced to the next round. In women's 66 kilos, Natalia Merinova from Ukraine, Sujin Seon from South Korea, Fatia Benmessahel from France, Minami Takahashi from Japan, and Turkish athletes Merve Sağlam and Büşra Işıldar advanced to the next round.

The competitions continued with the men's 51 kg category. The athletes who qualified for the next round were Taegeun Yoon from South Korea, Ibrahim Boukedin from France, Shogo Tanaka from Japan, and Nurullah Oyan from Türkiye. In men's 57 kilos, Ukraine's Ali Dahly, Ireland's Patryk Adamus, Japan's Shuda, Harada, and Türkiye's Emin Erdoğdu advanced to the next round. The last competitions of the day in the boxing branch were held for men's 71 kilograms. Matthew McCole from Ireland, Rento Tanaka from Japan, and Maksym Molodan and Yaroslav Mykhalushko from Ukraine advanced to the next round.

Men's -60, -67 kg and women's -50, -55 kg Kata competitions took place in the karate branch. Ekrem Altuner Yılmaz from Türkiye made it to the -67 kg men's finals. Turkish athlete Esra Karabağ made it to the finals in women's 55 kilos, and Burak Özdemir was another name to represent Türkiye in the men's 60 kilos final.


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