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Tram service is the best option of transportation in Atakum/Samsun. Tram stations (1,5,22) are within walking distance of the accomadations and sports halls.

All participants will be able to use the tram service with their accreditation cards free of charge.

Tram service is provide with 27 tram sets on 43 stations. The tram network between Ondokuz Mayıs University(OMU) in west and Tekkekoy in east, was extended into OMU campus with a 6-km-long line.


There are 8 stations in campus, which also enables transportation within campus.(YURTLAR(1) station to OMU REKTÖRLÜK(8) station)

Trams run every 15 minutes and operate from 6:15 to 23.30 pm.

Dormitory to ;

  • Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sport Hall                        12,7 km                          20 min  by tram.

  • Ilkadım Okculuk Sport Hall                              16 km                            22 min   by tram.

  • Yalçın Taşmektepligil (Faculty of Sports)      Walking Distance      10 min

  • Yaşar Doğu Sport Hall (Faculty of Sports)    Walking Distance      10 min

  • University Cafeteria (Life Center)                  Walking Distance       10 min

  • Ondokuz Mayıs University Hospital                Walking Distance       10 min

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