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(Athletes Accommodation-Ondokuzmayıs University)

Athletes will be accommodated as 2-3 people in the rooms, which is within walking distance of Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sports Sciences and the tram stop.

Dormitory have existing facilities and no renovation is needed . All bedrooms are spaciously furnished and offer at least a 3 stars hotel or equivalent standard . The planned number of beds per room is 2. Every room has a WC and a shower . There are all the necessary equipment in each room .

Dormitory Features; Internet (free),7/24 Hot Water,Security Service, Lift, Garden, Laundry room, TV Room, Canteen, Infirmary, Ironing room, Fire Alarm System, Gas Alarm System, Smoke Detector, Dining hall, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Living room, Camera Security Service, Basketball court, Volleyball court, Lobby Area,
Reception, Mosque, Library, Room Features, Bathroom, Bookshelf, Toilet, Commode, Bed, Mini refrigerator, Study desk, Orthopedic Mattress, Work chair, Dress cabinet.

Dormitory to ;

  • Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sport Hall                        12,7 km                          20 min  by tram.

  • Ilkadım Okculuk Sport Hall                              16 km                            22 min   by tram.

  • Yalçın Taşmektepligil (Faculty of Sports)      Walking Distance      10 min

  • Yaşar Doğu Sport Hall (Faculty of Sports)    Walking Distance      10 min

  • University Cafeteria (Life Center)                  Walking Distance       10 min

  • Ondokuz Mayıs University Hospital                Walking Distance       10 min

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